The Broken Cheeseburger

 My Friends, We’ve all had one of these frustrating cheeseburgers. The patty is beautifully reconfigured on the bun with golden melted cheese seeping into the cracks, making it look whole til you bite into it. So not fair. I know with broken cookies, the calories inside have all seeped out. I’m not so sure this … Continue reading The Broken Cheeseburger


Easy Moments

I am giving you a link to one of the easiest cheeseburger recipes I know. This recipe amuses me. It is so simple to make and it is another almost a cheeseburger, but not quite. They are rather cute and go well with Jaunita's corn chips. I adapt it with Tillamook cheese and I use … Continue reading Easy Moments

Bacon Cheeseburger Turtles!

By the calendar, we have just celebrated Earth Day. A day set aside to celebrate this world God has made. Everywhere we look, city or country, we can see amazing things on our earth! God’s creation is all around us, praising His name with every bit of their existence. (Psalm 148)  Pigeons have incredible colors … Continue reading Bacon Cheeseburger Turtles!