About This Blog and Author

My name is Kris. The seed for this blog was dropped while attending the Athena Christian Church (Athena, Or) in the mid 2000’s. I had the privilege of working with the youth in the community and one of the boys, David, was a cheese burger fiend. I like to create parallels between God and anything. So, I decided to make a recipe devotion book for David and his friends. Different things have blocked me in my endeavor, but recently, I realised I could BLOG the thoughts and recipes! There won’t always be a recipe, but there will always be a thought. Enjoy!!! 

The Cheeseburger Epistles

For David

Photography by Jonathan and Kris Hansell. Clip art from here! 

My Friends,

I am writing to you with a heart full of humble. So many of you have grown up and left since I was last with you, yet I know the memories of your youth and laughter still echo in the rooms where we first met. Some of you may recall I wanted to compile a series of devotions on cheeseburgers for David. I have not forgotten.

I find myself thinking about cheeseburgers all the time. It is fascinating how often they pop into my head during a sermon or lesson. When I had my idea to pair thoughts with cheeseburgers, I figured I’d be splitting steak fries into shoestrings. God, He had other plans. Often cheeseburgers don’t quite fit the parameters of a true cheeseburger (this phrase isn’t as odd as it sounds!). This is true even when I scribble down words about the things. Writing about cheeseburgers has been something I’ve compiled on keyboard and paper for several years. I would scrawl phrases and try to put them in order. Yet, something wasn’t right.

One Sunday, Pastor Delbert (ACC) was referring to something in Romans when I was hit broadside with a thought. Poleaxed in the pew, so to speak. Romans was a series of letters from a leader to his friends and followers. The letters Paul wrote are often called epistles. In the dictionary, an epistle is a poem or other literary work in the form of a letter or series of letters. I love to write letters. I was told I had a talent for writing letters.  They are friendly and, I believe, evoke a personal touch not found in a text or story.

It was then I decided to move my aspirations in the direction of missives harboring on the theme of cheeseburgers (I opted to write letters about cheeseburgers and add in recipes, where they might fit). If you find a morsel of encouragement or help within them, I will be grateful. If you don’t find anything but a fun snack, I’ll still be grateful. Encouragement and snacks are both necessary. One feeds the soul, the other feeds the body. If I can do either for you children of God, I will be blessed.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your Spirit*,

Your Friend,                

Kristen A. Hansell

Galatians 6:18*