Favorite things

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Dear Friends,

There is a song I think of often. It is from a classic musical and reminds us to think of our favorite things when bad experiences occur. It doesn’t always help, but thankfully, there is One who is bigger than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. He MADE those raindrops and the roses and the whiskers and the kittens and He does help. There is another tuneful story which has a song about God being bigger than the boogieman and He’s watching out for you and me. (Now, you’ll be singing that one all day, as well!)

This last week has been rough for many of us in different ways. We don’t know the future and we want to. We want the future to be as wonderful as possible. We want things to stay the same as much as they can. Or to be like it was weeks, months, or years ago. To not worry about someone’s health, your finances, the car you use, and all those bothersome things which need addressed NOW is difficult.

When we are born, (I’m pretty certain of this, although scientific fact doesn’t support me, as of yet), there is a small bone that begins to grow somewhere in our tummy region. It is shaped like a ‘w’ and each time we worry, it aches. As we get older, the bone grows. It can cause cramps and somehow give us headaches. When we become parents, that bone embeds itself into our bodies. At the most inopportune times we find it pulsing to an insane beat, accompanied and confounded by our imaginations. Jesus addresses this unverified bone in Mathew 6:25-34.

It is a long passage about not worrying because the birds of the air are fed, the lilies are clothed in raiment more glorious than King Solomon’s, and we are more valuable than they. Jesus reminds us that worry cannot add a single hour to our life. He closes that particular chapter with these words: “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

At first, this is ridiculous! I need not worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow worries about itself and will have its own troubles? Then, it makes a bit more sense and soothes. Anything I worry about for tomorrow is of my own imagination. Tomorrow is a day full of things which haven’t happened yet, things I may not be able to comprehend. But when it gets to tomorrow and those troubles are today’s, I’m still not to worry. I may not see what He is doing or understand where He is going, but I know God is bigger than the boogieman of my worry and concern. God knows what I want and need and my worries are not gnats at God’s BBQ. Yet, when I focus on His kingdom and his righteousness, He promises all these things will be given to me. (verse 33)

Somehow and some way, He will take care of those dark times wrapped in stress and concern and frustration. Through prayer, a helping hand, a strong shoulder, a meal brought to the house, or even a written note. Look for those bright moments enveloping the worry. Those will become some of your favorite things.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*                                                                Kris


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