A Pentecost Party!!

IMG_7950burgercake Dear friends,

As many of you know, I like to bake and or cook. It is a way to give something distinctly mine to others. I’m not good at fancy, but I enjoy fun and mostly easy when I create. Which is exactly why my cookie dough brownies have a thick layer of chocolate on top instead of a pretty drizzle thing. But, I digress. I made this cake for Jon’s birthday a while back. It would be perfect for a Pentecost Party.

Pentecost. Fifty days after the Passover and what some consider the church’s birthday. PARTY time!!!!  A day when the disciples were sitting together in a room, praying, and suddenly wind blew in, flames appeared above heads, and new languages were being spoken! PARTY time!!!!!! The Holy Spirit entered man and made it so we could speak and work directly with God. PARTY time!!!!! Things were so exciting, people thought the disciples were drunk and chastised them. Definitely PARTY time!!!! So many people could finally hear the words of Jesus in their own tongue, 3,000 were baptized that day. 3,000 people were baptized, can you imagine????? PARTY time!!!!!! Not long after this, Peter and John went to the temple to pray (I expect you each to start singing this). They healed a lame man on the way. A man who went ‘leaping and shouting and praising God.’ PARTY time!!!!!! (Acts 1 and 2)

I think Pentecost is a perfect day to have a party. A party with a giant cheeseburger cake!!!! Why this cake? Well, it is bigger than life. This cake has the burger motif, which requires flames. Plus, it is fun to make and talk about.  I made this for Jon’s birthday one year, celebrating the church is even a better reason to bake one of these creations. The highlighted link will take you to the Hansell blog where Jon and I documented the steps. It did take a long time to make, mostly because there were so many cakes to bake. It also took a while to eat, because we don’t have a very big family and this cake is not small. I rather think my favorite part were the fries. But, then, I love pound cake. Drizzle the strawberry jam on top and you have a perfect snack!

Have fun this next week thinking about the beginnings of the church and how you can use your tongue to share His goodness. Words written or spoken or unspoken all can be used to spread the party all over the world.

(note: others, who may be my age reading this, may see hints of lyrics from older songs…it just happened.)

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*                                                           Kris

Recipe ingredients:

2 yellow cake mixes, 1 chocolate cake mix, 1 strawberry cake mix, fondant and food coloring (this is odd to work with and doesn’t taste very nice, but it looks good), red jam, chopped up white vanilla chips, and frosting with food coloring. Bake all the cakes in round pans and assemble with frosting and fondant. FRIES: Freezer section pound cake in the store. Thawed and sliced into fries.

One of the things I ‘forgot’ was the cheese. The second yellow cake mix will be mostly unused for this cake.  When mixing the batter for this cake, add more food coloring to make orange (OR buy an orange cake mix). After baking and cooling, slice a thin piece off of one cake and affix it to your masterpiece, you may need a layer of cheese for each burger, but it’s all good! To slice, use dental floss (unwaxed PLAIN flavored!) or a VERY sharp long knife.


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