Cheeseburger Memories


My Friends,

As I sit in front my laptop this Memorial Day weekend, I am missing you and sending you my fondness and hugs. Remembering corn mazes and trips to the cities, Seattle and getting lost, and Sunday school classes. This leads me to thinking about ways we remember. Repetition, hands on, strings tied to fingers, or notes on your cell phone.

Food is one of those trigger things for our memories. When you visit a different place, many experiences stand out. Food is often paramount. The flavor, the fun in cooking or eating, and the scent. The water in a tap, the texture of tongue when you expected beef, or the laughter during a gathering at the park. Holidays often revolve around food. At Christmas there are breakfast casseroles and cinnamon rolls. Fall introduces spice pumpkin in everything imaginable and some things which should never have been imagined!!!! Sprinkled through the year are BBQ’s with the scent and sounds of cooking burgers and cheese popping on the grill.

Cheeseburgers are a good parallel for memories. Until the food is cooked, they are cold lumps of meat and slices of cheddar wrapped in cellophane. It takes heat and warmth to make them into the gooey delicious cheeseburger we all love. Like memories, they are caught in time, waiting to be revived by the coals of life.

Photographs and videos keep people and stories captured. Most of the time they stay stuck in the archives of YouTube or an SD cards. Some, like the picture of sisters at a Young Disciples BBQ, the Hansell twins wearing Coast Guard uniforms in 1943, and letters sent home from soldiers overseas might be stashed in boxes or glued to a wall, gathering dust. We need to find those particular stories and let them live again. To remember them and not forget. As a preschooler in a meeting I was conducting recently said, ‘If you don’t remember, it is lost.’

Those stories need to be found and let loose in the world again. Well, maybe not the one of Dori and Bea……….Piffle! Yes, it does!!!


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*                                                           Kris


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