Going to the Dogs!

My Friends,

Almost a decade ago, mum purchased what she thought was a miniature dachshund, she named Obi-wan Kenobi (Obi-Wan or Obi for short).Well, he more of a medium, nor is he a Jedi. I am so glad she did not get the full sized German dog! I have been around canines frequently. I have owned a couple, or helped own them. I absolutely admire dogs who work. I enjoy most dog books and movies, especially if the dog survives. However, as you may know, I am not a dog 🐶 person. I realize the following list is general and the opinion of a cat 🐱 person. Thus, it may not accurately portray most dogs. So be it.

1. Dogs will eat absolutely anything. They are particularly fond of accidentally dropped items. Whether or not it is actually edible is negligible.

2. Dogs like to roll. They are more apt to enjoy this exercise after being groomed. The preferred sites include dead or decaying matter. Mud or dust will do in a pinch.

3. Dogs chew. I am not fond of being around people who chew. Dogs who chew are almost as bad. Nasty habit for any species. Especially, when they swallow what they are chewing. Gross.

4. Dogs bark. A lot. At everything and nothing. The barking of dogs is incredibly irritating and startling, no matter the decibel. Tony and Jon nicknamed him ‘O-be-quiet.’

5. Dogs get underfoot. This isn’t exactly awful. Cats do this, too. Actually, so do kids and random kitchen stools. Having something get in the way must just be a part of life. 😁

6. I am also aware that the dog is mentioned about 44 times in the Bible. Domestic cats are not mentioned at all. ( I am sure this was an oversight encouraged by felines.) 😇 The dogs are not often written up in a flattering aspect. (Also probably another cat thing!

7. The food called a hotdog is moderately delicious. The following recipe is better, it was not created by a cat!

Burgerdogs were invented in the 1950’s by a vendor at a golf course. They were improved on over time and may be found in many places online. There is even one of those wordless cooking videos to aid you in making them, so you know they have to be easy!

Here is my abbreviated version or you can visit Hansell Notes!

Ingredients:  Hotdog buns, 1 pound of ground beef, seasonings for your meat, and packaged cheese sticks ( or a block of cheese you can cut into sticks). You will also need plastic wrap and a grill. **for added enjoyment, spiral a slice of bacon around the meat before grilling. You may need toothpicks to skewer bacon in place. Soak toothpicks in water to help keep them from charring.

Mix the meat with your favorite burger seasonings. Pat a good handful into a thin rectangle, place cheese stick on one side, roll meat and cheese into a cylinder, and squish the ends closed. Seal roll in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until needed and then proceed to grilling. Cook and turn burger until cheese begins to ooze from center and outside is completely browned on all sides, about 6-8 min. Internal temperature of meat should reach 140 degrees (hot cheese will change the temp dramatically, so try to test only the meat.). Remove from grill and let rest a few minutes to finish cooking. Place on hotdog buns, add condiments, enjoy!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*




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