Bacon Wheels


My Dear Friends,

I had the pictured bacon cheeseburger recently and it made me think about spokes. Particularly ones on a bicycle. When I was a kid, I had a bike called a ‘banana seat’. I went all over on that two wheeler! The neighbor boy took it on amazing adventures his parents wouldn’t let him use his own for, ones my parents would have frowned upon as well! Things like coasting down a 10 foot snowbank in an ice channel and other exciting dares. I just rode it in regular places. However, I recall wrecking more than once and getting myself caught in the spokes of the front wheel. I still find it crazy my small foot ended up inside those hard wires. While extricating myself, I wondered why they were so important.

They ARE important! The theory behind spokes are integral to the well-being of the wheel. Let me explain. Spokes are usually tangentially mounted between the wheel and the hub, or center of that wheel. This is so pressure on the wheel remains equal during the course of being used. I was reading about spokes and found they were first used about 2000 BC and not much changed until the 1870’s when wire wheels and rubber were invented. That is a pretty impressive time frame for a basic creation! The hub of the wheel is attached to a mechanism which allows it to turn. The hub is important, but it just sits there and spins unless it is secured to something else.

As I broke off the edges of the bacon on my cheeseburger, I got to thinking of those spokes. How different things act as spokes in my life and help to balance me. To keep me from the wear and tear of rolling along each day. I could see the wheel as the entirety of self, the part that others see. It is the piece which gets criticized, looked at, admired, and lived. The wires holding that life to the hub of self are friendships I’ve made, books I read, foods I eat, and experiences I have had. Those reach out and are anchored to the hub, the center of my life which is me.

Where is God, you ask? I am so glad you did!!!  God, my friends, is the alloy. He is the strength of metal and will also weld each part of me together when I need it. Granted, sometimes I don’t let Him do his job and the weld is weak and can eventually crack. This makes the wheel wobble. It isn’t bad, until more spokes break off. Broken spokes are not only dangerous, the integrity of the wheel can be lost. Thankfully, He can mend those bad bits, making them better than new! He is more than that, though. He is the something else the hub is connected to. The bigger part of me.

As my tongue tasted the flavors of the cheeseburger inside the bun, the hub of the sandwich, I savored and enjoyed each bite. Each messy, sauce dripping bite of goodness with a lesson inside. I’ve mentioned before how the Lord is good (Psalms 34:8). He is also our strength. This verse in Psalms has been one of my favorites. I’ve attributed it to many blessed people. Take it for yours. Psalms 73:26. “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” No matter how rough the road your wheels ride on, He’ll be there to keep you welded tight and moving the way you are supposed to.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*



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