Pay it Forward

Dear friends,        

   Getting gifts is a great deal of fun. They are given for holidays, achievements, or because someone loves you. They can be as simple as a single dandelion to something fancy and expensive. One of the oddest gifts I’ve received recently was a reloadable debit credit card. I have no clue how much was put on it, I did not need to know. It was a gift. But, it had fees. One to activate it, one for each month, and one to put money on it. I never thought about the fees, until I was discovering them on one of mum’s credit cards. I had used my gift a few times, but it soon told me it was out of funds. I then left it in my wallet and ignored it. When I started to think of fees, I called the company. Yup. Due to obligations for using the card, I had a debt. Not much, but one existed. I was very unhappy. But, then something awesome happened. The lady deactivated my card for me and cancelled my debt! 

   God did this for me, willingly. I never thought a credit card company would. The song ” He paid a debt” has even more meaning today. Jesus paid a debt He didn’t owe and one I could not pay. He did not give me a loan, He gave of Himself for me. 

    I owed the company less than five dollars. They did not have to erase my debt, but they did. I could have paid it, but I think it was just easier for them to cancel the payment. How humbling it is to have debts paid! Tiny ones that annoy to gigantic ones that give eternal life.

   I challenge you to help erase debts by paying it forward. You don’t need to wait for someone else to do this first, just do it because you can! When you are getting a cheeseburger or latte in the drive through, drop $5 for the person behind you. The small debt you are helping to pay may lead to eternity for someone else. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*



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