Bacon Cheeseburger Turtles!


By the calendar, we have just celebrated Earth Day. A day set aside to celebrate this world God has made. Everywhere we look, city or country, we can see amazing things on our earth! God’s creation is all around us, praising His name with every bit of their existence. (Psalm 148)  Pigeons have incredible colors in their wing feathers, the rocks around us shout out His glory in rain and sun, dandelions give a show of bright color fading to fun bursts of fluff, and then there are turtles. No one can treat those cute green sea turtles in ‘Finding Nemo’ with disdain. 

Turtles are survivors in an ever changing world. They are an ironic creature, picked on and lauded for the same traits. Their speed, or lack of, their looks, and their mannerisms. Most people use the word turtle for turtles, tortoises, and terrapins. They are different animals, in spite of their similarities. The genus is old, dating back to the dinosaurs. However, they have not changed much at all. The earliest turtle fossils are almost identical to those of today!! (  Unlike the Nemo story, turtles are not good at parenting! All turtles lay eggs on the beaches and then leave them alone. The temperature of the sand affects the sex of the turtle. Because the sands are warming, most of the turtles hatched are female, leading to a lack of males to encourage propagation of the species.

This recipe I’m sharing today must be for girl turtles. They are baked in a very warm oven to become a mouthwatering treat! (note: I know in some cultures turtles are eaten. This is the only kind I think I could enjoy.) I am going to put a couple of links in here to a blog which shows you how to make these adorable delicious delights. They are by far the cheeseburger with the most work put into them, but they are definitely a creation to devour! You can find several different recipes all across the net to make these little guys, so find the one you prefer, have fun, and enjoy!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit*,


Making turtles in my kitchen!!!



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