Inside the Cheeseburger 


This post was inspired by a blog I follow, Beauty Beyond Bones. Giver her stuff a look see, she has powerful words to share.

Growing up on Cook Inlet, tides were always important. They dictated when we went clamming, when we went fishing, and when we could find the best surprises. While summering on the Kenai, as an adult , I went to the Inlet to absorb God, to find peace, and to yell at Him. I still looked for agates and other pretties, but my soul needed His creation. When I couldn’t get to the Inlet, I kayaked or walked. This winter, I’ve not been able to go inside His natural world to recharge. I have been caged by care giving within four walls. Snatching moments, instead of stopping to see if peace can be found in front of me. Resenting putting my life in a holding pattern for an unknown length of time.

It is eating the cheeseburger and not caring. Not caring what spices and flavors are in the meat. Just slapping whatever cheese might be in the fridge onto the patty and not taking the time to put on condiments, which might be too much work. It is easy to skimp on the fluffy stuff when you think you don’t have time. The devil loves apathy!

Skimping will wear on your soul. It will tear you down, making you question your choices, and hurt you in the long run. David’s mom put a comment on my FB wall. She told me I should have lots of time to commune with God at my mum’s this winter. I haven’t allowed myself to commune, I have been too busy being busy!  

It is time to get into the cheeseburger and taste God.

Psalms 34:8  “Taste and see that the Lord is good. How happy is the man who takes refuge in him.”  (HCSB)

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*



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