Alexander Cheeseburgers


You have a beautiful cheeseburger. It is precisely positioned on your bun, loaded with all your favorite condiments, and is worthy of posting on the internet. Your fingers cradle the warm bun and promptly pierce the soggy bottom of your perfect treat! Your first bite pulls lettuce off to drip juices onto your chin and you feel tears building up in your eyes as warm cheddar congeals on your face. One moment, you were on top of the web and the next, your friends tag you in a disastrous photo. What just happened? This, I call an Alexander Cheeseburger. Remember the terrible , horrible,no good, very bad day? It happens with cheeseburgers, too. 

Peter and Judas had experiences like this and reacted in two completely different ways. Both men were on top of the crest of Jesus ‘ followers. They were a part of His original twelve and Peter is thought to have been one of His best friends. Yet, in the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life, the two ended up betraying their Savior. One was trying to force Jesus into a revolution, the other was afraid. Jesus knew what each man was going to do, in His sorrow, He did not stop the chain of events. He waited, wept, and died on a cross. (Luke 22)

Judas was angry, remorseful, and killed himself when the plan he had hoped for fell through. Peter, after he denied his Savior, went on to become one of Christianity ‘s strongest leaders. When your world falls apart, and it will, think about your reaction. Will you dramatically allow the experience to pull you down with the limp lettuce ? Or will you rise above it and become greater with melting cheese on your cheek? 

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit,*



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