Cheeseburger Audit


To attend a class informally, not for academic credit’ is one of the many definitions for the word audit. Imagine doing this with cheeseburgers. A cheeseburger chef teaches you build a cheeseburger, it resides on a plate in front of you, and you look at it. The scent of the grilled meat and condiments fill your nose, you admire the symmetry of your burger, and you can feel the juices drip on your hand and the heft of the burger, but you don’t eat it. When auditing a class you don’t get a grade, yet in this class, the professor chef says it is your cheeseburger and to take it. You are not sure, it isn’t the way audits work. So, you refuse. You understand the cheeseburger, you love the cheeseburger, and you fail to accept the cheeseburger. Others around you are enjoying their cheeseburgers, but you ignore the gift because you didn’t learn all you could about the bun or maybe you are not sure you will like it.

It is crazy how this happens more often than you think. Oh, maybe not with classes on making cheeseburgers, but with life. People often go through the motions of living without accepting the grace within it. Our expectations tell us grace is for someone else, someone more worthy. You may feel some part of His gift is yours, but not all of it. God’s forgiveness covers everything when you accept His abundant love. His lessons and grace extend further when this happens. Grace is a bit like tossing a rock in a clear pond. Once the rock (grace) sinks into the water (life) ripples from the grace abound forever and always.

Chris taught about grace in Sunday school. He used the book ‘What’s so amazing about grace?’ by Phillip Yancy. As I listened, I learned a great deal about this subject. I realised there is always more to learn about grace as I live through each day.  Grace gives us a chance to receive something unexpected. Grace allows us to become more than we are. Grace isn’t a way out. Grace is a gift. Accept it and eat the cheeseburger!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit*,


Acts 11: 17      So if God gave them the same gift he gave us who believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, who was I to think that I could stand in God’s way?”


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