Welcome to The Cheeseburger Epistles

As I shared in the About section of this blog, this is a brainchild brought about by the love of cheeseburgers by a member of the Athena Christian Church Youth Group. Ages ago. As the author, I have been dabbling on this project for a very long time. It is supposed to be a book, maybe it will be eventually, at this time, it is not ready to become a book. So, I am making it a blog! I hope you enjoy the thoughts and treats you find in here. Blessings to you, Always! 

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Bacon Wheels

My Dear Friends, I had the pictured bacon cheeseburger recently and it made me think about spokes. Particularly ones on a bicycle. When I was a kid, I had a bike called a ‘banana seat’. I went all over on that two wheeler! The neighbor boy took it on amazing adventures his parents wouldn’t let … Continue reading Bacon Wheels

Pay it Forward

Dear friends,            Getting gifts is a great deal of fun. They are given for holidays, achievements, or because someone loves you. They can be as simple as a single dandelion to something fancy and expensive. One of the oddest gifts I’ve received recently was a reloadable debit credit card. I … Continue reading Pay it Forward

Easy Moments

I am giving you a link to one of the easiest cheeseburger recipes I know. This recipe amuses me. It is so simple to make and it is another almost a cheeseburger, but not quite. They are rather cute and go well with Jaunita’s corn chips. I adapt it with Tillamook cheese and I use … Continue reading Easy Moments

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