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As I shared in the About section of this blog, this is a brainchild brought about by the love of cheeseburgers by a member of the Athena Christian Church Youth Group. Ages ago. As the author, I have been dabbling on this project for a very long time. It is supposed to be a book, maybe it will be eventually, at this time, it is not ready to become a book. So, I am making it a blog! I hope you enjoy the thoughts and treats you find in here. Blessings to you, Always! 


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This blog is something close to my heart, but I’ve not been here lately. I am without a kitchen and it is hard to create and cook without one! Please be patient and hold on to your cheeseburgers! Or just eat them! The burger below really did have cheese on it, it was under all … Continue reading Update


 My friends, Cheeseburgers are devoured in most countries in the world and some popular fast food restaurants have made sure patrons can have their cheeseburger and kosher, too.  I, for one, am incredibly thankful the cheeseburger was created. No one is exactly sure who or when it was invented. Best guesses are in the late … Continue reading Thankful

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